Sleep Suite – A Musical CD

Music designed to help people relax and sleep and allow stress to gracefully float away from the mind and body. Calming mixes of Native American flute, guitars, didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and distant gongs, creating a suite of meditative echoes.

The first in a series of Living Suite’s CDs, “Sleep Suite” focuses on one of the most important issues of the day, Insomnia. It is a suite of music and voice in a unique blend of Western and Eastern science, music and philosophy. This CD can be used in conjunction with other parts of the program or used alone and is designed to help the listener move from a state of awareness into drowsiness and sleep.

Listen to sample from track 1

“Sleep Suite”, the first collaborative effort by Glenn D. Wollman, MD, a Western-trained Emergency Medicine/Integrative Medicine specialist, and Terry Wollman, a classically-trained musician and award-winning composer. This CD is digitally recorded and mixed by Emmy and Grammy award winning engineer Peter R. Kelsey.

In a unique blend of Western and Eastern science, music and philosophy, the Artists invite you to begin the process of balancing your life by honoring sleep. One third of our lives is spent sleeping. It was originally thought that the brain was inactive during sleep. In contrast, it is dynamic; the brain is actively working to repair and regenerate damaged cells and connections, incorporating memories of the day and learning new tasks.

Blending the sounds of traditional and non-traditional instruments creates a highly textured musical suite. The listener will gradually descend from a state of aware consciousness through the deepening stages of sleep, with slowing of brain wave patters eventually flowing into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

This music can also be helpful for calming, relaxation and meditation. It is conducive to slow, mindful exercises like Qigong, Tai ji and Yoga.

Children fall asleep easily with this music.

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I recommend whole-heartedly this wonderfully effective and soothing CD for anyone who wishes to experience relaxed meditation and restorative sleep. This first co-creation by Dr. Glenn Wollman and his award-winning musician cousin Terry Wollman is a welcome gift.

Chungliang Al HuangPresident,
Living Tao Foundation

I promised I would get back with you re: your CD and it is EXCELLENT! I have used it several times and it works like a dream! In fact I have NEVER gotten past eight minutes of it! In the music biz, people know me as “The British Ambassador Of Soul,” the owner of soulmusic.com and the author of “The Soulful Divas”! And, my sister says that after years of sleep deprivation, the CD is doing wonders for her – so she thanks you too!

David Nathan

I enjoyed your Musical CD very much but the biggest hit was with our infant granddaughter. When she was upset and having difficulty sleeping we would put the CD on and she calmed down almost instantly. MAGICAL!

Walter T. Wilhelm
Walter Wilhelm Associates, LLC
The front-end business process alignment specialists
for the sewn products industry

I was amazed at how soothing, professional, multicultural and powerful Sleep Suite is for slipping into deep states of sleep. Every night I look forward to ending my day with sliding into sleep listening to this amazing CD. I listen to the CD every night and it makes a difference in how fast I go to sleep and how deep I go.

Sopan Greene, MA
Author and Professional Coach

I loved sleep suite – So thank you.

Tieraona Low Dog

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During a Reiki session, the goal is for the client to enter a deep state of relaxation, enabling their body to heal itself as it is meant to. Along with the Universal Life Energy that flows through them, the “Sleep Suite” CD helps them reach this state of deep relaxation, often within minutes.

Carolyn Mortholé
Reiki Master Teacher

Every time I stretch out and play your disk, “Sleep Suite”, in order to professionally evaluate the work, I fall asleep. That must be my professional assessment.

Dr. Robert Ginsberg, Director
The International Center for the Arts
Humanities and Value Inquiry

When I was reviewing the Morpheus cut, I fell asleep! Do not play this CD at work. I did, and suddenly realized I had fallen asleep at my desk and had to start the CD over again to review it. This CD is dangerous and should not be played at the same time as driving, or operating heavy earthmoving equipment! It is the most relaxing music I have ever encountered, and I have been a Taoist/Buddhist for decades, exposed to innumerable selections of music for meditation and quieting the mind. Wollman’s CD is a wonderful preparation for any activity in which a calm mind is an advantage or in which the dimension described as “Flowing with Golden Stream—Flying with Celestial Cranes” is to be experienced.

Dan K. Smith
PhD. Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara
Associate Dean Office of International Students and Scholars
Director Global Medicine Project UCSB

I’ve always believed that you can’t have a high performance career in a low performance body. I get exercise and eat fairly healthy, so when I entered menopause and had difficulty sleeping I was very frustrated. Your “Sleep Suite” CD has gently guided me to a serene and restful sleep and I am now able to start my day more energized and on top of my game. I’m looking forward to even more success than I already have now that I have added this level of balance to my life.

Betty Till
Executive Coach
LifeWork Solutions

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When the soul seeks repose and immersion in a tranquil environment to engage the healing processes of sleep, one could hardly find a better aid than the “SLEEP SUITE” compositions of Glenn and Terry Wollman. Through the creation of harmonic relationships that erase the frenetic pulses of awake awareness, these sounds easily induce a serenity that is, indeed, “a balm for sore minds.” Cheers and thanks for sharing,

Gene R. Kelley
Human Factors Consultant (Santa Barbara, California)

I haven’t slept this well in a long time as when I’m listening to “Sleep Suite”. Perhaps you should market it in DC and NYC as the “anti-terrorism go to peaceful sleep and forget about it” CD. I haven’t had such crystal clear good dreams for a long time either. Please thank the dream doctor for me. I conscientiously DON”T listen to it when I WANT to worry/think about work in my sleep, which I do, because then, I don’t.

Gueta Mezzetti
Lead Counsel on Energy to the U.S. Air Force and
Program Manager for the Department of Defense
Renewable Energy Assessment Program

This CD is a wonderful way to get a good nights sleep. Every time I listen to it, while sleeping deeper and deeper each time, I get a totally different relaxation from it because each time I seem to hear different things. I have recommended to all my friends, even for their rowdy cats. This CD will put your beast to sleep.

Michele Cais
EmCare Medical Corporation

This CD is truly a gift. It represents a rarely seen collaboration between the arts and sciences. The research is sound and the art is unique. The CD reflects all that you would want from this collaboration, when new age CDs are a dime a dozen.

Lon Winston
Founding Artistic Director
Thunder River Theater Company, Colorado

The interweaving of the sounds and instruments takes your mind and soul on an enjoyable and expansive journey. Enjoy the ride……

Elaine Grinnel
EmCare Medical Corporation

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