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“I have special medical needs and take multiple medications, will I still be able to participate in your program?”

Yes! My extensive medical training will enable me to work with you to help you gain health and, if necessary, to collaborate with your own physicians to ensure your own medical needs are fully considered.

“I have tried many programs that have failed, what is different about yours? “

We as human beings all have basic similarities but each of us is unique. My program focuses on the similarities, i.e. diet, exercise, relaxation, stress management, spirituality and sleeping, but the approach and recommendations are based on your individual attitude about these important areas. Most programs want to fit you in to their world. I will help you gain balance using methods and programs that resonate and fit in with your lifestyle. This will ensure success for both of us.

“My garage is filled with exercise equipment I have bought and no longer use. Will I need to buy any more equipment for your program?”

Initially no equipment is necessary and there are many exercise programs that do not need special equipment. After we complete your personal evaluation, we may find that you would benefit from exercising with machines but they will only be recommended if they fit in with your life style and with your approval.

“In your evaluation, will I have to fill out a lot of long, involved forms and questionnaires?”

Initially the evaluation will require a set of questions to allow me to get an overall picture of your philosophy and patterns of behavior. As the program proceeds and your interest increases, more in-depth information will be gathered to help define and refine your individual program

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