Balancing Your Life Program

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The body, mind and spirit are interconnected. If one is out of alignment, all aspects are affected. Being out of balance is manifested in many ways including: physical and mental illness, difficulty in personal and professional relationships, career frustration and loss of general well-being.

The program will focus on specific areas including: general health, dietary habits, physical exercise, sleep patterns, personal forms of stress management, relaxation and meditation, and patterns of behavior.

Following a thorough analysis (consultations, questionnaires and possible laboratory testing) each person will be given a unique, personalized program to follow. Progress will be followed at specific intervals and programs will be “fine-tuned” as necessary.

Phase One

  • Initial Consultation – One hour interview (in person or by telephone)
  • Complete Initial Evaluation (to assess your health, personal needs, goals and areas for improvement)
  • Follow-up Consultation – One hour (in person or by telephone) – to discuss and implement your personalized program in order to begin balancing your life

Phase Two

  • Six consecutive one hour consultations (in person or by phone), to establish progress and to fine-tune specific areas requiring attention. The consultations will initially be on a weekly time schedule but can be altered based on individual’s needs.

Phase Three

  • Long-term follow-up (as requested/needed)
  • One hour consultation (in person or by telephone)


Dr. Glenn Wollman is the physician everyone dreams of having in their life. He possesses a rare combination of tremendous knowledge, deep wisdom, heart-felt concern and the ability to communicate all these with clarity, patience and precision. I have never felt so guided, supported and soothed by a doctor as I do when I am speaking with Dr. Wollman, and this in itself is truly healing.

Barbara De Angelis Ph.D.,
New York Times Bestselling author


Before working with Dr. Glenn Wollman on personal healthcare issues, I often wondered what it would be like to receive care from a highly qualified physician who also understood the critical importance of treating/healing the whole person– body, mind, heart and spirit. After decades of health issues, I had never once stumbled upon a doctor who responded to the human side of healing while not compromising his/her professional expertise.

Working with Dr. Wollman has comforted my fear of, and renewed my faith in the medical profession. He is available, listens carefully, asks the right questions in a sensitive manner, and then proceeds to offer, in highly comprehensible (but never patronizing) terms, an informed diagnosis as well as a number of alternative possibilities for approaching the problem.

His suggestions take into account the attitudes and disposition of the client; he understands that healing is affected by the state of mind and readiness of the ailing person, and that the client must ultimately understand and participate in his/her own wellness. All modes of healing capacities, in a balanced interaction between Dr. Wollman’s proficiency and the client’s needs, are explored.

“Compassionate” and “skillful” are the key words. I am deeply appreciative of the warmth and support I have received from Dr. Wollman in times of vulnerability and suffering. While this should be the prime agenda of the healthcare profession, it is ironic that a patient would feel so blessed to encounter a physician who still considers this his oath.

Barbara Fields
Executive Director
Association of Global New Thought


Glenn Wollman, an emergency physician, understands what stress and high energy means. He has taken it upon himself to construct a counter-balance to life’s anxiety axis combining unique and effective elements of many cultures into a powerful relaxing force that brings about changes you would least expect.

Eric McFarland, MD, Ph.D.
UCSB Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Glenn Wollman has actively participated in medical issues that surround my life. He has always been responsive and timely. But, more than that, he has acted as a partner, regardless of my condition or circumstances. He has taken the time to comprehend my needs, both physically and spiritually. My relationship with Dr. Wollman goes well beyond physician-patient. Seeking the best in advice and treatment, Dr. Wollman has proven himself time and time again.

Fred Rifkin
Trustee, Santa Barbara Elementary and Secondary School Districts
Former Owner, Weight Watchers of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Partner/ Peritus Asset Management

Dr.Glenn Wollman was able to help me understand my mom’s medical and emotional condition. His direct and compassionate support prepared me so that I could better help my mother with her terminal illness on both a medical level as well as a spiritual level.” The information and insights you provided were invaluable.

Carolyn Mortholé
Reiki Master

Glenn Wollman provided the mix that I sought. In his role of Medical Guide he was able to bridge my conflict with many Western medical practitioners; heard and understood my need to be active in my health care decisions; and worked with me to develop a personal counter-balance to a smattering of anxieties that surfaced during our meetings.

Maclyn Erickson
B.A. M.A. D.Min.

It’s so difficult to summarize you into a single sentence, this is just one of the many feelings i have about your practice. Dr. Wollman has mastered the balance between eastern healing and western medicine. (You can also add my phone number if somebody wants to talk more in depth).

Luisa Gayou,
Santa Barbara,CA

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