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Upcoming Events

         Global Medicine: Lecture      April 4,2012

            “The Path That Doesn’t Exist”

University of California Santa Barbara (U.C.S.B.)

Recent Lectures and Workshops

  • International Association of Wellness Professionals,
    Preparatory Medicine, November 9, 2010

Complete List of Past Appearances

  • MINDERCISE, Thornton Auditorium Wake Center, March 9,2008
    300 North Turnpike Rd., Santa Barbara, Ca
  • CHEST PAIN: How to Approach It, How to Avoid It, May 1, 2008
    Schott Center Auditorium Room 31, Santa Barbara, California
    Putting Your Health In Order, Cottage Hospital, Burtness Auditiorium
    In this presentation Dr. Wollman offered his view of the “Three Orders of Medicine and Healing”. The participants had the opportunity to identify their personal position in the Galaxy and how to effectively navigate through each Order.
  • Balancing Your Life
    University of California Santa Barbara, Student Health Service
    Continuing Education Program
  • Preparing for Medical Proceedures
    Moderator – Carla Freeman
    Panel – Glenn Wollman, MD, Jan Ingram, RN
  • Balancing Your Life
    UCSB International Studies, Student Lecture
  • Relaxation, Stress Management, Sleep, Costa Rica, June 2004
    Living the Schwarzbein Principle / Conference and Workshop
  • Beginning Qigong/Meditation Workshop, Costa Rica, June 2004
  • Balancing Your Life Cycles
    Omega Program, Santa Barbara City College Adult Education
  • Pain Lessons, Program and Medical Director
    One day seminar for Physicians, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals
    Santa Barbara , California
    Auditorium, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
    Through Santa Barbara City College Adult Education, Omega Program
  • Holistic Self-care Practices for All Stages of Life
    Omega Program of Santa Barbara City College,
    Continuing Education Division – October , 2004
  • Sleep Well: Sleep Suite
    Omega Program of Santa Barbara City College
    Continuing Education Division/  February 27, 2005
  • 7th Annual Women’s Wellness Conference
    Little Company of Mary Community Health Foundation
    Torrance, California ,  March 4, 2005
    Omega Program of Santa Barbara City College
    Continuing Education Division/ March 19, 2005
  • Cellular Pathophysiology, Sept-Dec 2004
    Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine

Booking Glenn D. Wollman, MD

Suggested Lecture and Workshop Topics

  • Holistic approach to stress management
  • Achieving life balance through an integrated holistic approach
  • Beginning lessons in Qigong and meditation
  • Balancing your life (patterns of behavior, stress management, sleepmanagement)

Past Medical Lectures

  • Formal lectures to paramedics, nurses and physicians
  • Advanced cardiac life support
  • General medical topics pertaining to Emergency Medicine

Community lectures

  • Appropriate use of antibiotics
  • Diabetes
  • Terrorist preparedness
  • Dying and death
  • New perspectives in medicine

Children’s lecture series

  • Using 911
  • Drugs and medications
  • Careers in medicine


  • Holistic approach to stress management
  • Achieving life balance through an integrated holistic approach
  • Balancing your life (patterns of behavior, stress management, sleepmanagement)


Your presentation, “Sleep Well, Sleep Suite” was a popular and well-received session. Your presentation spoke to the very theme of our conference”wellness, or ways to achieve balance in life”. Thank you for sharing your expertise and contributing to the success of our conference.

Jan Brandmeyer, Chairperson
Little Company of Mary’s Women’s Wellness Conference


OMEGA program is eagerly anticipating your workshop “Holistic Health Care Practices for All Stages of Life”. You should be very gratified that the enthusiastic response to your Spring term workshop is why we are offering it again this soon, and lengthening the time for it – by request – indeed, “popular demand”! We love the wealth of your offerings. The holistic approach to all your teaching provides fresh awareness, rich individualized choices and a repertoire of useful, effective practices. With all of your knowledge and experience, you are an inviting, welcoming patient guide.

Maryellen Flynn Kelley, Director
OMEGA Program of SBCC Cont Ed Dir


I thoroughly enjoyed your “Holistic Overview: Power Nurturing presentation. Your web site opens up even more possibilities for exploring balance and nourishment. I had a lot more questions but did not want to take advantage of your generosity and compassion and wanted to make sure others were able to spend time with you. I will try your CD tonight and will try to follow the HONOR SLEEP section suggestions. Thanks also for helping me understand more clearly the concept of “integrative”.

Tom Towle, Manager of Networking Services
Fielding Graduate University
Member General Society of Mayflower


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