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In Gratitube Act Five: Healin’ and Dealin’

Two weeks passed before I felt comfortable leaving my sanctuary to venture into the real world. I plugged the supra-pubic catheter and carefully secured it in my fiancée-designed, custom-made, inside the waistband, semi-sterile (not even) samurai pouc… Continue reading

IN GRATITUBE: Surgery and Superheroes

Calculating the rate of bladder filling and hours before surgery, it was painfully obvious I would have to catheterize myself and penetrate the Three Gorges of Hell (see Act Three), hopefully, for the last time in this life time. I awoke early. Missio… Continue reading

IN GRATITUBE: A Nightmare Week

Act three:
Time, in my mind, was moving at a different rate than real time. The reality of imminent surgery was circulating in my brain cells. Would it happen in hours or days?
The Doctor held an anatomical model of the … Continue reading

Magical Medical Tour: IN GRATITUBE

Act one: Signs and Symptoms
I was absorbing the beautiful light of a mid-May dusk when my right kidney decided to gift me with a nugget made of calcium oxalate (a chemical compound that forms needle-shaped crystals and is a major part of human kidney s… Continue reading

Magical Medical Tour: DIABESITY

One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive
 (Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb)
In the past, they knew it. Yet thousands of years later we still don’t get it. We are seeing an increase i… Continue reading

Magical Medical Tour: Quid quid latine dictum sit altum viditur (keep reading)

Quid quid latine dictum sit altum viditur -> translated into english means “whatever is said in Latin seems profound.”
Why does a Latin phrase sound profound? What causes us to become attracted to certain things visually or aurally? What tr… Continue reading

Magical Medical Tour: MIND. YOUR OWN BUSINESS

During a recent trip visiting my family, I had the opportunity to observe an interesting juxtaposition between the mind of my 92-year old father(a former educator), who is losing many of his mental capacities, and my nine-year old nephew (diagnosed wit… Continue reading

Magical Medical Tour: Radio GaGa

In the era of pads, pods, berries and droids, the radio has become obsolete, except for a few of us troglodytes. The other day I had my radio on as background for the soundtrack of my life and I realized it was not on my station. Someone had moved the … Continue reading

Mass Transit

Einstein proposed that Energy equals Mass at the speed of light (squared). However, Energy may not equal mass, especially at the speed of life (one second per second). This conclusion came to me while I was attending a funeral Mass for my friend, a Fra… Continue reading

Prime Cut

In the future, medical science may eliminate the need for surgery. However, we happen to exist in the present and surgery is still a very important treatment modality for various human conditions. My guess is that many of you will have one or more surg… Continue reading

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